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What do we do?

What we do?

We develop and design high performance thermal spray processes and we are reference within Mexico in the production of scientific and technological cutting edge knowledge as well as in the formation of high quality researchers, technologists….

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Thermal Spray

Rociado Térmico

Thermal spray presents a high number of technological branches, which can be seen as a great variety of processes and services. With thermal spray, surfaces can be functionalized and coated with a wide range of materials such as ceramics, metals among others…

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¿Qué hacemos?

CENAPROT offers a diversity of thermal spray services including those for aeronautical and biomedical industries and up to the development and collaboration of scientific and technological projects including opportunities for the formation of excellent human resources and technologists…

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Our mission

Multidisciplinary and cutting edge research and technologic development through enhanced technology application with remarkable cost-benefit ratio that leads to high end research in the field of thermal spray by guaranteeing the formation of excellence human resources, who can directly contribute to advances related to thermal spray technologies and a close link between research and industry.

Our vision

To be referent as on thermal spray technology laboratories in Mexico and to be leaders in the production of scientific and technological knowledge as well as the formation of independent and reliable researchers and technologists with the capabilities required by the industry for solving thermal spray related tasks.

Goals of CENAPROT:


  • To develop scientific forefront research (synthesis, processing, performance characterization) of coatings obtained by thermal spray techniques.


  • To form excellence human resources (undergraduate and postgraduate studies) on high-end thermal spray applications.

  • To encourage and promote researching formation of undergraduate students in pertinent thermal spray projects and create collaborative links between CENAPROT and local universities to disseminate service capabilities of the laboratory.


  • To reinforce link activities and research projects with regional and foreign universities, research centers and industries making clear emphasis in aeronautical, automotive, power generator and biomedical industries in order to contribute to scientific knowledge and obtain scientific products as patents, papers publication, and copyrights.

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